• Erin, the owner, has a hands on approach with her clients. All nurses are very well trained in everything they do. The IV therapy is one of my favorites, especially before a big trip. It is totally painless. In 30 minutes I'm ready to go.

    Lynn M. Botox® | FILLER, IV + B12

  • From start to finish Erin M. is meticulous, precise, and amazing there isn't any other person that compares to her level of care.

    Laura C. | IV + B12

  • This is not your ordinary IV Therapy session, it's a retreat to a new experience and a level of tailored services that stand out. From Botox® to B12 you know you're in good hands with a registered nurse who has knowledge, experience, and uses the highest level of products for each treatment.

    PAOLA B. | IV + B12

  • I just had Botox® and Filler from the one of the gorgeous nurses at OOMPH and I have to say I am beyond impressed! I can't believe how painless it was and I could go out in public the next day! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the results!

    Vicki G. | Botox® & Filler

  • After having two beautiful babies back to back it left me feeling not so beautiful. It wrecked havoc on my once very even skin. I had terrible melasma. Luckily I found OOMPH! I didn't have to leave my house which seems to be an impossible feat right now! It's amazing and such a relief to have such instant results after a long nine months!!