Houston’s #BOSSLADIES of 2016

January 9, 2017

Throughout the year OOMPH has gotten to know so many inspiring women and it wouldn’t be hard to write a book on how many kickass ladies we love in Houston. After all, Houston’s original #bosslady Beyonce says “girls run the world” and we couldn’t agree more.

Because we needed to narrow it down to a blog-worthy length, we asked ourselves: Who is doing it differently? Who has that special something that stands apart from their peers? Who is kicking ass and taking names with style and grace? Who is changing the game? Here are 5 women you need to be taking note of in 2017 (in no particular order).

Joanna Neiter, Neiter Creative LLC.                                                                           www.neitercreative.com

This creative branding and web-design wizard made a big stamp on 2016 with her 2 year old company. What started as a one woman show has quickly turned into a bustling full fledged operation and small businesses can’t get enough of her progressive yet timeless design. Just being in her presence manages to bring out creativity in people effortlessly….like a brand whisperer of sorts. We think it and POOF she magically turns it into a reality…perhaps she’s a mindreader? Oh and did we mention that Jo managed to double business this year—all while being pregnant for the first time?! And she’s only 30. Now that’s what we call super human. #bossmom

Jen Grigsby and Gina Cartwright, Cakewalk Style Shop                                   www.cakewalkstyleshop.com

This sexy duo brought tons of much needed energy back to the 3200 block of Westheimer. What was once an area saturated with shops for a much older generation, Cakewalk has since brought a breath of fresh air with fashion forward clothing and accessories. Spend ten minutes inside and you cannot deny that the owners are two of the coolest women you’ll ever meet. They make shopping educational, fun and entertaining all at the same time; I never leave without a good ol’ belly laugh! Jen and Gina manage motherhood and boss lady status with an enviable ease. It’s no wonder this cute little shop of sunshine was dubbed by the New York Times as a must-see on Houston’s “Style Mile.” And that’s not all… They have a second location in The Woodlands that opened in late 2016.

Regina Gust, Regina Gust Designs                                                                              www.reginagust.com

If you haven’t heard of Regina Gust then we can only assume you have been hibernating in the mountains far far away from Houston without use of your cell phone or TV. This little Texas tornado is hands down the “Queen of Christmas.” The media couldn’t get enough of her in 2016 and it’s easy to see why…her work is genius. Google her if you don’t believe us. She has some of the most prestigious clients in Houston and creates spaces that are nothing short of show stopping. If you’re privileged enough to have Regina sprinkle her magic on your home consider yourself special because this fast talking mom of two is in high demand and has a price tag to prove it.

Misti Pace-Krahl, The Mommie Series                                                                       www.themommieseries.com

We would all love to see Misti’s contact list…We speculate that it is full of the most badass women alive and is as long as The Great Wall of China. This queen of networking has made a big name for herself by bringing women all over Houston together to empower and educate each other as entrepreneurs and mothers. The overwhelming spirit of support that is present at any Mommie Series event is a direct result of Misti’s uncanny ability to find and introduce solid, powerful, and like-minded women. Mark your calendar and make sure to attend in 2017… just don’t be shocked if you want to be one of her besties…we all do (in a totally non creepy sort of way).

Christine S. Cheng, MD, Nuveau Medical Aesthetics                                         www.nuveaumedspa.com

This one time family practice physician traded in her stethoscope and sniffles for a Botox needle and a dream.. In 2006 she started with ONE VIAL OF BOTOX and ONE patient. She sat in her newly leased (empty) space waiting faithfully…you know…like the movie Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner: “if you build it they will come.” Well they came alright- once people started getting poked they started spreading the word of how good she was and the rest is history. She has built a reputation for being honest, consistent, and skilled beyond her years with a needle. Not even a Cancer diagnosis in 2008 could stop this superwoman. Christine was able to watch her business skyrocket. The undergrad piano major rekindled her passion for the instrument and competed in the Van Cliburn International Competition for Outstanding Pianist in 2011. Oh and she got married and became a mother to top it all off. Anyone who knows her is in awe of her. Her dedication to life and her practice is unwavering. To learn from her is to learn from the best, to be her friend is an honor, and to get injected by her is to look reallllllly good. She takes #bosslady status to another level and we love her big time.


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