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  • Lack of sleep (or poor quality sleep) can wreak havoc on everything in your life from your mood to your energy levels and skin. If you find yourself unable to wind down and chill out at night but don’t want to resort to prescription drugs with terrifying side effects then it’s time to consider an IV Drip. Oomph delivers a registered nurse to your home (at no extra cost) so you can chill out at your convenience. No babysitter. No fighting traffic. Our Full Moon drip was designed to help you unwind, relax, and get ready for some much deserved downtime. A special combination featuring Magnesium and Tryptophan will help put you to sleep and get you back to feeling 💯 #oomphhouston
  • The only serum we recommend to every client, no matter their age, skin tone, or skin type. Every single drop is filled with nutrient-rich botanicals and essential oils that restore your skin's balance, banish any breakouts (overnight, no less), and leave your complexion glowier than ever. Yes, we LOVE it that much. Hey if it’s good enough for @gwynethpaltrow, it’s good enough for us 🙌 #oomphhouston
  • Need a boost of #oomphhouston Vitamin C? Avoid the sick days and office germs with our C-Boost IV Drip. High doses of Vitamin C are destructive to toxic cells and we are here to give you a BOOST. It’s perfect for the jet setter, mega traveler, school teacher, mom, dad, sister, brother, nanny, and on and on and on.
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  • A very merry Christmas to all the wonderful women (and men!!) who make every day at OOMPH better than the last 🧡
  • OOMPH HARD RELAX HARD || Where are you relaxing, seriously ? 🧡-Erin, Founder of OOMPH