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  • “Houston is my city and we deserve to have access to these progressive options. Being able to bring these methods to H-Town is incredibly exciting for me. My motto: more truly can look like less when it’s done right. I will be the first one to tell you what I do to my face — I do it all!  We all have that OOMPH inside of us … sometimes we just need a little help finding it.” - Erin Magana, RN BSN and founder of #oomphhouston
  • "Like most great inventions, the über-popular and very-much-in-demand Active Botanical Serum, from Vintner’s Daughter, was born out of necessity. The brand’s founder, April Gargiulo, was discouraged by the exceptional number of toxins, chemicals, and ineffective fillers in the bounty of skincare products that comprised her daily regimen. The formulation targets underlying inflammation and imbalance to help acne, marks, and scars, discoloration from the sun, elasticity, and firmness. The result is the clear, bright, and glowing skin we all want. It may sound too good to be true, but the product’s effectiveness is what catapulted the serum into cult status, earning it a permanent place in the medicine cabinet of Gwyneth Paltrow, among other celebrity fans." || get this miracle serum + free delivery in Houston with any of our #oomphhouston nurses 📲 call or text 713.581.4483
  • So many of you have already called or texted this morning saying you woke up feeling terrible. Good news: if you had too much green beer this weekend... there’s an IV drip for that. If you just feel awful (weather, sleep deprivation, general germs) we have a quick shot or an IV drip for that as well. Text us and we will get you in 📲 start Monday strong 💪 #oomphhouston || 713.581.4483
  • Fresh never fake. We deliver that natural “damn she looks good” not “damn she had work done” || call/text to book 713.581.4483
  • If you’re alive and reading this (and survived the Instagram apocalypse yesterday) you probably could use a B12 shot. It is great for energy, fatigue, mood, heart health, allergies, immune support, memory, sleep, and it aids the liver in fat metabolism just to name a few. If you’ve got 5 minutes, you’ve got time. And remember: we come to YOU. No matter where you are. Call or text 713.581.4483 to book | or book 24/7 at the link in our profile ☝️ #oomphhouston
  • At OOMPH, there’s nothing we love more than a good multitasker. Why do 3 things when you could just do 1?! That’s why we love One Love Organic’s Vitamin B Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover. This luxurious oil lifts away impurities and makeup, while also helping to exfoliate and soften your skin with natural fruit enzymes. If you aren’t being blown away by your cleanser EVERY. SINGLE. TIME then it’s time to call an #oomphhouston nurse + get free delivery.
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  • P E R F E C T 🙌🏻 Restylane Refyne was used along with 4 units of Dysport just above the vermillion border of the lip to relax the upper lip so that it doesn’t disappear when she smiles.  The Dysport lip trick is around $60...yep it’s that easy🍊💋