OOMPH – How It All Started

May 31, 2016

I’ve always heard about “finding your passion” and “doing what you love” … blah blah blah. I would get so excited at the thought of finding this said passion, but I always found myself sold short of my own expectations. No amount of Oprah or self-help books could help me. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted this lightening bolt of insight to zap the shit out of me … but na-da. I had to accept the brutal truth that I might be schlepping at the hospital as a nurse probably forever until we won the lottery. Out of frustration, I guess, I just let it go. I don’t remember the time or place that I quit obsessing about it, but I did. I gave up the dream of being happy in my career. Who did I think I was anyway? One of the selected favorites of the world? Everyone hated work and I must be no different. Life sentence of back breaking nursing effective immediately!

As with everything huge and monumental in my life, it typically comes to me quickly and swiftly with undeniable force and unexpectedly — almost like being hit over the head with a brick. I now know that this brick is really the Universe and I better listen up.

A woman, whom I admire and respect, asked if I would be interested in getting into Aesthetic Nursing on nights and weekends (“Ummm, no, I am a mother.”) I need to add that this exchange started on Facebook of all places. We were strangers, yet I rolled with it. We met in person a few days later and I liked her immediately. Before I knew it, I was up all night studying vitamins, drips, ideas for the business. I couldn’t stop myself. I wasn’t asked to do this nor was I paid to do it, but I just couldn’t put the computer away because I was so interested in it that I needed to immerse myself in it. Looking back, I had found my passion that day and I will forever be thankful to her for being a part of the day that changed my life.

My client list grew before I could even blink. I had the most positive, kickass women who truly believed in me (way more than I believed in myself). My friends told their friends and their friends told their friends. This core group of women are THE reason I got business and could turn my passion into a living. My vision for this field of work intensified and I knew undoubtedly how it should look and feel. Again, not planned … it just was. I knew if I wanted to fully and wholeheartedly tap into that creative part of myself, I would have to go out on my own.

OOMPH was born and here we are! Giving up and letting go got me here … happy, creative, passionate, and no more schlepping at the hospital. So, if you’re stuck like I was, I hope that this finds you.


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