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  • Feeling ya Friday 🍊

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  • Did you know Magnesium can relieve insomnia and help you relax? Our Full Moon IV Drip has all the ingredients to help you unwind and get back to restful nights of sleep. (Book at the link in our profile ☝️)
  • If you’re alive and reading this you probably could use a B12 shot. Great for energy, fatigue, mood, depression, heart health, allergies, immune support, memory, sleep, and it aids the liver in fat metabolism. Oh and did we mention it only takes 15 minutes?! #oomphhouston
  • As moms and women we give so much to those we love. But at #oomphhouston, we firmly believe you have to take time to refill your tank. You can’t give if you’re on empty. That’s why our business is based on ease and comfort. We bring beauty and wellness treatments to you, on your schedule, for no extra cost.
  • Just a reminder that everything you put out in the universe, eventually comes back to you. So let’s all be kind, ass kicking women... and then end our day with a lil Botox? Sound good? ☺️ okay great.
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  • Add a little #oomphhouston to your week! Short on time? OOMPH shots are the best way to get a lot of bang for your buck while not having to miss a beat in your schedule. Book 24/7 at the link in our profile 👆💕