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  • 👌ideal situation
  • This luxuriously lightweight oil boasts some of Mother Nature’s most effective (and clinically proven) gifts. A restorative elixir that has strong youth preservation properties and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 🍉 #oomphhouston
  • Happy Monday to all the ladies kicking ass and taking names on this fine morning 💪
  • Happy #nationalbestfriendday!! Which is fitting because from now until the end of the summer, we're letting you and a friend split a syringe as long as you're together. Meaning you can both get your lips plumped in the most subtle but fantastic way aaaand split the cost. Contact us for more info! #oomphhouston
  • 🍊ASK ERIN: How long will my Botox last? 🍊

Answer: If anyone gives you a specific time frame, they're not being forthcoming. Ex: "It'll last 6 months." We are all metabolically different and there's no way to guarantee a time frame.

Here's the real deal: you have some things to consider. The more you put in, the longer it lasts. So you can (a) put in a lot and look frozen but get some longevity.  Or you can (b) put in less and look very natural and but get it done more frequently. I personally choose option B for myself and I suggest the same for all my clients.
  • Leave us a comment below and tell us how you're spending tomorrow! 🍊#oomphhouston