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  • “I’ve been using this for over three weeks now. From the first use, my skin looked incredibly hydrated, glowing, and even. With consistent use, my skin continued to feel smooth and plump and looked like my skin on its best days.” || Guys, the hype is real. We have yet to have a client who isn’t as obsessed with the serum as we are!
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  • Our clients can’t stop raving about The SkinPen. Hailed as the newest breakthrough in anti-aging treatments, #SkinPen offers a safe, effective, and minimally invasive option for reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, acne scars, stretch marks, hyper-pigmentation, and sun damage. It’s ideal for all skin types and tones and can be used on almost any body part. Think it couldn’t get better? As far as downtime, worst case, you may look like you’ve been at the beach for a day. || Learn more about this (dare we say miracle) treatment by booking an appointment with one of our registered nurses (link in bio) or call/text (713) 581-4483 #oomphhouston
  • Did you know that Botox and Dysport are also preventative? Not only do they diminish the wrinkles you have, but consistent treatment helps prevent new wrinkles from forming. || Ban the wrinkles with a quick #dysport treatment. $20 off any dysport treatment for our followers only. Text or call (713) 581-4483 for a private, personal treatment by a registered nurse in your home (on YOUR schedule) at no extra cost.
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  • If you’re alive and reading this you probably could use a B12 shot. It is great for energy, fatigue, mood, depression, heart health, allergies, immune support, memory, sleep, and it aids the liver in fat metabolism - just to name a few. $40 and 5 minutes is all it takes >> call or text (713) 581-448 to book yours #oomphhouston
  • 🍊 ASK ERIN : What new products are you loving? 🍊 
SWIPE TO SEE HER NEW FAVORITE 👉👉 "This product blows my mind because it’s able to correct discoloration without any hydroquinone as an ingredient. Hydroquinone is the ONE ingredient I try to eliminate from clients' and friends' beauty routines. It’s scary and I refuse to use it at any strength. The FDA has even proposed a ban on it! “Even” by SkinBetter is able to address those pesky spots without Hydroquinone, which is incredibly rare.

The results have been amazing! It also addresses fine lines and uneven texture. This is truly a product for every age. During puberty (and as we age!) we experience so many color tone shifts. "Even" by SkinBetter goes on very much like a serum and makes you glowy after application. Use it morning and night for two weeks and you’ll see the difference." - Erin Magana, RN BSN Founder, OOMPH