Because it’s NOT all about the wrinkles

March 23, 2017

When Erin told me she needed help with her new aesthetics adventure, I was game to help.  Little did I know my world was about to explode!  My name is Mackenzie and I am the Director of Operations (aka the Wizard of Oz) at OOMPH.  

I’ve always been one who liked to wear many hats and do it all: Personal Stylist by day, cosmetic hoarder/ snob/ junkie by night, I had no idea when I signed up to help Erin with “office stuff” that I would quickly become hooked to all that is her world.  I literally had no clue (other than what you see on social media) what Erin’s tricks could do for you.  I had gotten Botox® in my forehead area: that was the extent of my aesthetic knowledge.  And now that is one in the long list of things that has changed in the time I’ve been OOMPH’ing.

People often tell me I’m crazy for doing Botox® at 30 (little do they know I started in my late 20’s).  Maybe they’re right but aren’t we all a little bit? When I started doing it, I had this one line across my forehead that drove me bananas.  I have a very expressive face and after 20-something years of making faces, I was over the wrinkle it was causing. 

Enter Botox® I was totally on the prevention bandwagon- let’s just freeze that little sucker in place so it can’t get any worse and maybe I’ll age gracefully, with Botox, and without any wrinkles developing. I was hooked.

 Then I got Erin to do my Botox® & started playing with filler.  Game changer.  Did you know Botox can give you an eyebrow lift?  Yeah girl, a nonsurgical eyebrow lift.  A little unit in each eyebrow and I had the wide open eyes I had always wanted.  And not in a “holy shit, what just scared her?” way.  It was more of a “you look like you just got back from vacation and are fully rested” kinda thing. 

Next came my lips- I didn’t feel like my top lip was proportionate to my bottom lip so I wanted to plump it up a little.  Erin used less than 1 syringe of filler to make this happen and with the leftover, she suggested we put it in my chin.  Girl, you want to put filler in my chin?  Why?  I don’t get it.  But I let her do it anyway.  And ohhhhhh boy, sold.   My chin never bothered me but when I looked at the before pic I did notice that it was a little “flat” from a profile view.  Now, it’s just more proportionate to the rest of my face.  

I had no idea that Botox® was used for anything other than wrinkles.  And I never would have thought to use filler for anything other than lips and filling in deep set lines around the mouth like those we think only mature smokers get.  But boy was I wrong.  Ladies (and gentlemen), it’s not all about the wrinkles. I never would have known otherwise but let me tell you, I love my eyebrow lift and my plumped up chin.  And yes, I will share before and after photos if you email me.

xx, Mackenzie Director of Operations, Erin’s Right Arm, Jack of All Trades, Know It All, OOMPH Model/Pin Cushion


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  • 🍊ASK ERIN: How long will my Botox last? 🍊

Answer: If anyone gives you a specific time frame, they're not being forthcoming. Ex: "It'll last 6 months." We are all metabolically different and there's no way to guarantee a time frame.

Here's the real deal: you have some things to consider. The more you put in, the longer it lasts. So you can (a) put in a lot and look frozen but get some longevity.  Or you can (b) put in less and look very natural and but get it done more frequently. I personally choose option B for myself and I suggest the same for all my clients.
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