Founded on the principle that looking fresh is all encompassing, OOMPH is an entirely on-demand mobile beauty concierge service that delivers customized IV Vitamin + Rehydration, Vitamin Injections, Skincare, Aesthetic Injectables, SkinPen®, and more to clients in their homes, offices, hotel rooms, or any location of their choosing. Yes it’s really true - we come to you!


We really focus on Houston's top nurses providing stellar services with integrity, class, and discretion. Every single nurse was cherry picked by our founder, and every single nurse is trained and certified in ALL the services they provide. We care about quality not quantity. And our nurses are goooooood-just sayin’


OOMPH’s client-centered approach brings personalization and integrity back into medical aesthetics, an industry that’s become saturated by a ‘more is more’ mentality. At OOMPH we recognize that a youthful, radiant, and fresh appearance, doesn’t always mean artificial and excessive.


We do it all…wherever you are. From B12 to Botox, and everything in between, OOMPH delivers vitality and renewal – wherever you are.




OOMPH started off as this idea that would allow me to blend my skill set as a Registered Nurse with my passion for all things skin, beauty, and wellness. I wanted to change the game by offering minimally invasive yet super effective options that are all about looking fresh, rested, and healthy. As an example, vitamin intravascular therapy has been around since the 70’s on the west coast. It’s been scientifically proven as effective, but finding people who truly knew what they were doing in Texas seemed impossible, until OOMPH. Houston is my city and we deserve to have access to these progressive options. Being able to bring these methods to H-Town is incredibly exciting for me. My motto: more truly can look like less when it’s done right.  I will be the first one to tell you what I do to my face — I do it all!  We all have that OOMPH inside of us … sometimes we just need a little help finding it.  When I’m not playing #boss-lady at OOMPH, I’m usually at home snuggled up with my seriously adorable son, Jack, and my crush since 1999, Brent. 


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  • This luxuriously lightweight oil boasts some of Mother Nature’s most effective (and clinically proven) gifts. A restorative elixir that has strong youth preservation properties and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 🍉 #oomphhouston
  • Happy Monday to all the ladies kicking ass and taking names on this fine morning 💪
  • Happy #nationalbestfriendday!! Which is fitting because from now until the end of the summer, we're letting you and a friend split a syringe as long as you're together. Meaning you can both get your lips plumped in the most subtle but fantastic way aaaand split the cost. Contact us for more info! #oomphhouston
  • 🍊ASK ERIN: How long will my Botox last? 🍊

Answer: If anyone gives you a specific time frame, they're not being forthcoming. Ex: "It'll last 6 months." We are all metabolically different and there's no way to guarantee a time frame.

Here's the real deal: you have some things to consider. The more you put in, the longer it lasts. So you can (a) put in a lot and look frozen but get some longevity.  Or you can (b) put in less and look very natural and but get it done more frequently. I personally choose option B for myself and I suggest the same for all my clients.
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